This is an interesting conundrum. It is a saying that has become a standard greeting in the spiritual community but what exactly does it mean?

I was listening to Deepak Chopra the other day and he was discussing light in the context of photosynthesis.

Science and Light

Can you believe it, science rearing its technical head in a spiritual blog? Actually, the bridge between spirituality and science is closing in rapidly.

Let’s put this simply because I don’t want your attention to wane. Light creates form. There you go, in a nutshell!

Ha, but what does this have to do with spirituality?

Everything! We are spirit having a human or ‘material’ experience. We are incarnate, in form in a dimension that requires atoms (which are pretty much free-floating molecules) to coagulate into matter to make up ‘stuff’. I know, my scientific prowess is amazing — I’m surprised New Science magazine hasn’t lassoed me to write for their journal yet.

Suffice to say that we need this ‘stuff’, or, more eloquently, solid matter to navigate this third dimension of physical, material reality.

Okay, now I know you’re an intelligent bunch so you’re still with me…

The sun’s rays are transported to Earth through the ether and provides organisms with light energy which they convert into chemical energy — a process otherwise known as photosynthesis.

Even the word ‘photosynthesis’ is profound — it is derived from the Greek photo-, “light”, and synthesis, “putting together”.

Without light plants won’t grow and without plants, herbivores would die and without herbivores, then carnivores and omnivores die — you get the picture.

Are you beginning to put things together here? Light = putting together.

Right, so Where is Love in all of This?

Love, although it can’t be proven in a laboratory, is the glue that binds existence together for us spiritual beings. It’s what makes life interesting and adds to our staying power here.

Without love, what would be the point, right? Ergo, in my humble opinion, love is what keeps us on this planet. It is what holds the form together, the egg to our cake — the binding ingredient of all biological life.

So light provides us with form and love keeps us in form — interesting, huh?

Let’s Put this Together, Shall We?

In conclusion to this waffle, I’d like to sum this up by adding; there is another wise saying in spiritual circles — Namaste — which means ‘I bow to you’ — it’s beautiful and shows respect. It is a recognition of the divine spark within another. However, of late, we have that new greeting to contend with, ‘love and light’. Now, if you like of course, you can say this with some conviction and actually mean ‘may you be held in good form’. Okay, that sounds ridiculous. Let’s see — how about summing it up with ‘love and light’ meaning:

‘May love always keep you tethered to the One of all that is and light grace your being’.