Month: January 2019

Be the Infinite Player! – The Spiritual Journey as an “Infinite Game”

Have you realised it yet? The Spiritual Journey does not lead to some final accomplishment. You do not reach some distant end goal, some ‘top of the mountain’ or even some state of never-ending peace. Even “The Shift” or “The Event” as some call it, is just a shift within a shift within… There is no where to get…
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Death Is Just An Illusion: Quantum Theory Suggests Death Is Not The End

The biggest question of all time, one that so many of us have in life, one that we have been seeking to answer from the time of beginning: What happens when we die? This is a question that not only philosophers, scientists and religious men have tried so hard to answer but also modern day…
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The Philosophy of Love

Formalised by the great Greek thinkers, the philosophy of love has influenced how we view love and relationships. There are four important distinctions in the philosophy of love. These are Philia, Eros, Storge, and Agape: the different kinds of love. Each category examining the philosophy of love has its own key thinker and its own applications. So, to truly understand the…
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