“Becoming physical is a huge undertaking for any soul.  Even the most experienced advanced one can falter within the thick dense energy of Earth.

     One may question the validity of such a daunting experience.  Is it necessary in a reality fraught with challenges?

     As an energy one may find it all a bit difficult to maneuver with the linear creations that can occur.  Dramatics unfold causing the incarnate to feel disconnected.  This can cause confusion or the personal intent one brings to the reality.  Of course there are the easier moments filled with joy and tranquility.  These tend to bring comfort when difficulty arises that cause hurt and pain.  It’s hard to see clearly when looking through that narrow lens.

     It is important to address the dramatic difficulties with as much effort as you can.  At the end of the day your response defines who you are as a soul.  Be sure you have taken great care in regard to your energy.  Be attentive while not dismissing the opportunity to to grow from such difficulty.

     Care for the soul while physical is essential.  Make time always for the replenishment of positivity within.  It is the best source of action while on Earth.

     Give yourself permission to be focused upon you.  There can be no support for anyone else unless you support yourself first.  Keep you journey clean of self pity.  Become one with the positive.  It can assure you and all those around you an opportunity to grow and understand the lesson.

     Know who you are and what is needed to make your life a successful one.”

                                                                  ~ VERONICA