“In a time of great disconnect one often feels as if they are lost in a void of chaos.

     Engaging said chaos creates more disconnect and fear of outcomes.  It seems as if the reality is unraveling as you walk through it.  There is great unrest in a disconnect.  The hope of being content often eludes the best and wisest of incarnates.

     If you are one of the few who can navigate the odd energy then read no further.  We do know that most of you are struggling with creating the safe, connected environment of love and peace.

     Decide to pay attention to your feelings.  Instead of becoming victim to the disconnect become focused upon repairing it.

     Take time every day to rekindle faith in yourself and your life.  Observe what others may do but counsel yourself to be different.  Start with connecting with your own energy.  Create an atmosphere where you are in control of your actions and reactions.  It is a unique place this Earth Plane.  Within it you are the master of your reality.  Start small.

     Every opportunity for connection should be utilized.  It may feel inadequate at first, however each baby step will result in the building of your internal confidence.  

     Physical reality ebbs and flows with the good and the bad.  Be aware of it but be observational. Do not let it permeate your life.  You are the creator.

     You can do it.

     Become adept at creating your internal safe space.

     Take a moment.

     And just do it.”

                                                 ~ VERONICA