“While in physical reality it is important to consider the big picture perspective.  Intense focus of one’s individual experience can often be confusing for the most advanced of souls.  

     In the beginning of a life this powerful focus is necessary.  Acclimating to the current dramas can help to distort the big picture.  As one grows into their physical form there is often a moment of complete loss of the Big Picture Moment.

     Now that the physical linear participation is creating moments of personal anxiety it is more important than ever to consider the big picture.

     Allow yourself the ability to connect spiritually to your journey.

     Allow yourself the ability to be with the eternal.

     It never wavers.

     A constant in a sea of chaos.

     Decide to remain in the embrace of spirit until the storm passes.

     Remember that the personal experience has a beginning and an end.

     Eternal is just that….. never ending peace, love, and harmony.”

                                                                    ~ VERONICA