“In physical reality events and dramas unfold consistently every moment.  They also fall apart often times without any notice.  It may be tough to navigate through the chaos of the ebb and flow.  A feeling of discontent and/or dangling precariously in mid-air can upset the strongest of souls.

     It is important to realize that the falling apart moment may not be as disastrous as it seems.  When an inappropriate reality is created there will come a time when the dismantling of said reality is needed.  Attempt not to focus upon the loss but rather consider that to make room for something better it needs to go.

     A feeling of loss always presents itself.  Decide to focus upon the new rather than the deconstruction of a moment that no longer serves you.

     Feel into where you are going.  The concept of “looking forward” is a good one.  Honor what has been, however be focused enough to let the creation go.  What will come will be created from a fresh perspective.  One that will serve your growth and awareness.

     Know that the moment will come when you will be ready to leap into the new.  To do so what has been needs to be let go to make room for freshness.

     Take the necessary steps.

     Your bright future awaits you.

     Begin now.”    

                                                                    ~ VERONICA