“The eyes of the soul are always open.  The image revealed giving way to a deep perspective of the big picture.

     What does the soul actually see?  Are the images translated literally or are they documented by the mind to be adapted by the soul?  Perhaps the images are a translation of thoughts created by the soul.  Thought creates reality however the soul is as much of a part of it as well.

     You are much more than your biological form.  The soul, the core of who you really are.  Identifying with this concept can be difficult when life dramas are so intense they seem to wipe out everything else.  Your soul hungers for peace and tranquility.  The linear mind can get in the way quite a bit.  Decide to become still while assessing your progress.  Work with your soul while making your way through a life.

     Physical participation comes and goes.  The soul is eternal and continuous.  Count on its reliability and rest your consciousness in its arms.

     Embrace the energy.

     Hold it close.

     Your soul will never let you down.

     Join forces.

     Become connected.

     Do it now.”

                                                     ~ VERONICA