“You Are Always One Thought Away from Changing Your Entire Life for The Better”

It’s a sign of the times that the word “awakened” has made it into the urban dictionary. However, don’t think of it in religious terms as spiritual awakening does not necessarily associate with religion and happens outside of religion. Rather think of it as something new rising while at the same time something old is shedding. The Hindu deity Shiva, also known as Mahadeva is known as “The Destroyer” while at the same time is one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. For me this principal deity of Hinduism can also represent an awakening of consciousness in an individual and/or collective.
There are various types of awakenings, that are now fiercely taking place in the world around us today. According to Deepak Chopra, awakening happens when you are no longer living in a dream world where you filter everything through your ego focusing on the future and the past. Instead, you have an almost simultaneous awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else.
All awakenings are essentially moments in which our awareness becomes more intense and more expansive than normal, so that the world around us becomes more real and alive. We often feel a stronger sense of connection to nature, animals and other human beings. We might feel a sense of joy or inner stillness and feel that somehow the world around us is not what we have known it to be, we start to question our own reality and everything around us. We can have a strong realization that all is “in harmony” and that life has a deeper meaning than what we are taught or told.
The duality of this is that it is not always a simple and pleasant process. During awakening, lots of changes happen at different levels: physical, mental, emotional and social. But all these changes are always for the best, because the Universe is cleansing the space for something new and good to come. Almost always awakenings are triggered by an experience, whether it be a crisis, life changing event or merely a walk in the park on a beautiful day. There is no defining reason why and when it will happen, and no guarantee that it will happen to everyone. Often, we go through awakenings very much on our own and at our own pace so therefore they become very unique to each one of us.
Having gone through and experienced an awakening of my own several years ago, I can attest to the fact that they are certainly as real as the clothing on your back. They are such individualistic experiences that there are no defined or clinical ways in which to cope and deal with such monumental changes in one’s consciousness.
If you are experiencing a sudden change within as I have described above with symptoms such as a change in food preferences towards healthier choices, a change in the nature of your sleep and sleep patterns, more intense and lucid dreaming, feelings of more connectedness, a stronger sense of unity with all, an increase in your intuitive abilities, altered states of consciousness and/or synchronicities with signs, visions, numbers or symbols, then you might need someone who has been there to assist and guide you to the answers you are seeking. If any of this sounds familiar, and you are seeking someone to talk to about your experiences then please feel free to reach out and connect with me and let’s explore it further. Contact

“Awakening is When Something Emerges from Within You That is Deeper Than Who You Thought You Were.”