When we experience 4th dimension spiritual awakening, we move from a perspective of the world rooted in the physical to a higher level of perception.

Where we begin to see that the trappings of the third dimension are meaningless in comparison to what lies beyond it.

This is a time of significant personal development and the stepping stone towards 5th-dimensional consciousness.

But what exactly is 4th dimension spiritual awakening?

Consciousness In The 4th Dimension

When our consciousness awakens in 4D, we begin to shrug off the restraints of living in 3D.

When we live in 3D, we see the world a certain way:

  • Our wealth is measured in money and possessions. We want cars, houses and jewellery; we are slaves to materialism.
  • We are entwined with our ego, seeing ourselves as separate to others and placing ourselves in comparison to them. We are competitive, judgemental and jealous.
  • Good and evil are absolute to us. There are good people and bad people, good acts and evil acts – the world is black and white with few greys in-between.

This is an insufficient way to live life, and the spiritual among us find it claustrophobic and unfulfilling.

When we awaken in 4D, our thinking alters substantially:

  • We shake off the need for material wealth, instead of seeking knowledge and truth. We are in danger of falling into a trap here – resentment for the way capitalism and business in the modern world have made consumers out of people.
  • We retain the ego, with a danger of developing our judgemental nature even further. We can sometimes see ourselves as above others due to our higher dimensional thought. This is trapping of 4D and one we can only shrug off in 5D.
  • We begin to see good and evil for what it is – relative and rarely black and white. As we chase knowledge, we begin to understand the actions of others as products of their lives in 3D.

The Ego’s Spiritual Awakening

An obsession for truth characterises this level of consciousness, but the ego also hampers it.

Although we have made significant progress in our spiritual journey by moving to a higher level of consciousness, our ego interferes still and can make us arrogant and judgemental towards those on a lower level of consciousness.

This will be the obstacle we will need to overcome next if we want to enter 5D consciousness.

But it is nonetheless an exciting part of the journey.

It is one of discovery, a feeling of opening one’s eyes for the first time and seeing the world as it is.

Well, a little closer to what it is, in any case.

So if you are experiencing a 4D spiritual awakening, make the most of it.

Soak up the knowledge while it matters so much to you, accelerate your spiritual journey – do what feels right.

And when the time is right, work on the ego and dissolving it – then, and only then, will you be able to ascend once more to see the world in 5D.