When things go wrong in love or life, people often jokingly blame their past lives for committing them to patterns of failure. But what they don’t realize is that they’re onto something. This subconscious cry they try to mask as humor has some truth to it.

According to psychics, our past lives influence the romantic, emotional, and physical paradigms of our current life. Tracee Dunblazier, a spiritual author believes our past life has a hold on our perception and reception of life. It’s the looking glass through which we gaze into the complexities of our current existence.

For example, if you’ve lived a past life steeped in poverty, you may naturally come into this life having a proclivity for riches and financial independence.

The notion of past lives may seem cliché and overridden. But Dunblazier believes that’s no reason to kick it to the curb. She holds the firm conviction that everyone has experienced a past life, whether they’re willing to accept this reality or not.

For people who aren’t willing to think along these lines, they can think of these past lives as “soul imprints” embedded into the fabric of their being.

Many past lives reveal themselves in visions, episodes of heightened emotional stimulation, and dreams. It’s easy to disregard them as heedless and unnecessary, but they’re actually very telling about our current mental state.

Here’s why you need to understand the influence of your past to give yourself the gift of gratitude and loving with no regrets.

1. Phobias

Certain experiences in our past lives seep into the present day in the form of phobias. For example, you might have a soul-piercing fear of heights because someone close to you may have died after falling from a cliff in a past life. As a result, you might flinch at the mere idea of trekking a mountain or climbing a roof.

Knowing about these experiences may be just what you need to overcome your fears.  International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT) reports that many people report phobias which are linked with events from their past lives. Sometimes, merely recounting a past event makes a world of difference to your mindset.

Furthermore, patients who’ve coupled past life therapy with other forms of therapy have reported even better results, according to a study published in the International Journal of Regression Therapy.

2. Emotional Outbursts

Many people who can visualize the events from their past lives undergo an emotional outburst. For some people, these events manifest as snapshots and glimpses, while for others their details are vivid— unfurling almost like an episodic story. According to the author of Miracles Happen, Amy Weiss, it’s not just the concrete details that help an individual, but the deeply transcendent emotions that stimulate as a result of their manifestation.

You may have found yourself asking the question, consciously or subconsciously, “Who was I in my past life?”. Past life regression is essentially a who was I in my past life test  which helps you understand your identity and life purpose. It’s going to give you the answers to many of your spiritual questions. Who you were? What you are? What suffering lays hidden deep within you and why you are here? As you understand these aspects of your past life, you set foot on a soul-searching journey of emotional healing.

3. Negative Behaviors and Patterns

Dr. Christiane Northrup says that the memories we retain from our past lives are riddled with negative energy packets. Once you come to accept that you’ve experienced many previous lives, your life takes a turn for the best.

When you go through the process of unraveling your past life, the emotions and sensations you experience are authentic. The energetic beams which you retrieve from their discovery affect the attitudes and behaviors in your present life. Remember, when these patterns stay hidden, they can block your energy pathways and result in a variety of negative patterns. But, when you take concrete steps to make past memories conscious, you take control of these patterns, thus able to free yourself from their insidious grip.

The bottom line is that the slave becomes the master when he’s aware of his past life.

4. Spiritual Longing

The knowledge of your past life opens many blockages in your being. It helps you delve into your subconscious mind and clear up fears, anxieties, and deep-rooted beliefs clogged in its pipelines. This purge has a drastic effect on the way you reach to situations and people.

Tibetan Buddhism wisdom dictates that there are essentially two pathways to reincarnation. The first is involuntary rebirth through karma, which pulls you back into life as a consequence of past negative energy and desires. The other is reincarnation for the benefit of others. A striking example of the second pathway is that of the empathetic person. When empaths see someone suffering, they jump to their help, and in doing so, reincarnate into whole new beings.

Many people float through life aimlessly, without forethought and a sense of purpose, and feel weighed under a heavy cloud of materialistic preoccupations. In this busy world, it’s easy to forget that a major part of our existence is spiritual. This negligence can cause emotional fog. Knowing about your past life may help you realign with your life’s passions, consequently giving you a fulfilling sense of spiritual reconnection. It can also play a huge role in making you more receptive to your surroundings and people, which in turn improves your mental health as well.

5. Karmic Relationships

When you’ve had a past life with someone, there’s no middle ground. You’re always exchanging affection and blows in the extremes. When you fight with them, it boils with anger and abuse, and when you hold them in your arms, it seems as if the whole world is witness to your love. Sometimes, you may experience such frighteningly real visions regarding your partner that they leave you with a lingering feeling of anxiousness. If you had unresolved issues with your lover from a past life, your current relationship may also seem explosive and intense.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can make things right. It all boils down to re-aligning your emotions to the present moment. If you wake up from a dream, sweaty and anxious, tell yourself that it was a dream and nothing more. Separate fact from fiction.

Sometimes, your emotions slip out of your hands, but taking a moment to breathe and evaluate your feelings before acting upon them really makes a world of difference.

Final Thoughts

Certain events that occurred in your past life may have an influence on your mental state in the here and now. They might have a role to play in your ability to empathize and trust. They also might be governing the patterns of your romantic relationship. The only thing that can provide you liberation or some sort of closure is to make yourself realize that even though these events happened in your past life, they only exist as an unconscious mass in your mind.

Even if you’re skeptical about the concept of past lives, there are some lessons you can learn from this — the first and foremost being: resolve your past life issues. This might be possible through past life regression therapy. People tend to get stuck in the same patterns because it’s a lot harder to let go and find something better. Often, their comfort zones become their coffins without their realization. But, when they finally unload their baggage, their resurrection starts.