“When one endeavors to incarnate, the desire to be creative springs into action.  The thick dense nature of physical reality offers great challenges to those who wish to do so.

     Some of you are artists, some warriors, while others become spiritual pioneers in an atmosphere of potential evolvement while participating in the denseness.  We suggest that attention to detail offers the incarnate the ability to create a very personal experience.

     As we said, the effort required in the linear is immense.  Many of you are ambitious when first incarnating.  There is intense focus upon large manifestations for many of you.  It is natural to do this.  So decide to create as massively as you want but be prepared to solidify all of it with attention to detail.

     Perhaps consider the idea of focus upon “the little things’.  There can be great advancement if you do.  Focus upon detail gives the moment a solid core structure.  Evolvement is an eternal process.  It is also an internal one.

     Keep your focus.

     Know that detail is a necessary component of your personal manifestations.

     In the end it’s the details that give power to a creation.  Your focus is your signature of ownership.  It’s what you came here to do.

     Slow down.

     Pay true attention to your detailed expression.  Become one while blending to manifest your intention while incarnate.

     It is possible.”   

                                                           ~ VERONICA