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Big Pharma CEO: “My Primary Responsibility is to Shareholders”

In Brief The Facts:A recent interview with Michael Pearson, the CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, outlined the importance of keeping shareholders happy. Reflect On:Are pharmaceutical companies in the business of health care, or sick care? Is their priority profit or helping to cure and treat people? The truth, as explained by Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime…
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Shocker: Comparing Deaths From Medical Treatment, Vitamins and all US Wars

Why do I keep writing on this subject? Hmm, let’s see—because extraordinary numbers of people are dying, and are severely maimed. That’s a pretty good reason. Because medical and government and press authorities are lying through their teeth and covering up the numbers. Because some of the people who are dying could be people you…
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Kelly Brogan Cures Depression

A Mind of Your Own: The Truth about Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives by Kelly Brogan M.D. with Kristin Loberg Kelly Brogan cures depression. There’s only one problem. It is not possible to prove anyone’s depression has been cured. Depression cured is not defined in current medical theory.…
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Why Essential Oils Heal and Drugs Don’t

If you tell most medical doctors that essential oils bring about healing with no negative side effects, they won’t believe you. This is because in medical school, students are repeatedly told by their professors that all effective medicines have negative side effects, and if they don’t then they can’t be effective. When I was in medical school…
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The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The main principles governing the pharmaceutical “business with disease.” It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases – the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry. Compared to the reality of the drug industry, my book reads like a vacation…
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Exposing the 13 Corporations that Make Up the ‘Big Pharma’

In our society, we often correlate legality with safety.  We use household products, spray pesticides, and religiously consume drugs such as ritalin, adderall, oxycontin, and prozac. We consume all of this, but how many know who made the drugs, and where the corporations came from? Who produces the chemicals we trust on a daily basis?…
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Why Do Most Medical Doctors Blindly Recommend Vaccinations?

Multiple reasons explain why the vast majority of medically trained physicians support vaccinations. Physicians receive the majority of their training during medical school, which is heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies and government institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both pharmaceutical companies and government organizations support a misguided agenda in which…
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Modern Medicine is a Disease

Doctors, their medical organizations and the great pharmaceutical companies practice a sinister form of medicine that directly causes suffering and pain in people’s lives. Thus, I am not surprised when James Howard Kunstler writes that modern medicine is a hostage racket: “Medicine is now a catastrophe every bit as pernicious as the illnesses it is…
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How Money From Pharmaceutical Companies Sways Doctors’ Prescriptions

If your doctor receives money or gifts from a drug company, be it payment for a lecture or a free meal, does it influence the medications he or she in turn prescribes? This represents the burning question in an industry saturated with pharmaceutical company involvement. A ProPublica analysis revealed nearly nine in 10 cardiologists, and…
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How Healthcare Was Bought Out, Resulting In Today’s Focus On Vaccinations And Pharmaceuticals