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5 Mindsets That Might Be Holding You Back & How to Move On

Many of us believe we have to be happy or joyful all the time, and if we aren’t, then we are doing this life thing wrong. We feel like sadness makes us deficient. We judge our feelings and ourselves for having them. When we try to feel good all the time we avoid deeper connections…
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7 Reasons Why You Need to Keep a Journal for Mindset Growth

For many people, journaling is perceived as a children’s activity that brings a few benefits here and there. For other people, journaling is a hobby and a relaxing activity that they practice very occasionally. Finally, for the last category of people, journaling is a powerful tool that’s constantly leveraged for self-improvement purposes. Well, regardless of…
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This Is Why Your Attitude Is More Important Than Your IQ

What is the right determinant of success? Most would say intelligence. After all, we have been taught that intelligent people are often smart and can find their way in life quite easily. They will race to their goal faster and more efficiently than those who have less IQ and are less intelligent. However, a study…
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5 Steps for Developing a Peaceful Life

Peace and contentment, a powerful quality in life, yet experiencing it consistently is challenging.  Allow the flow of emotions, events, planned and unplanned to aid instead of blocking peace and contentment.  Just as a ship’s captain navigates through rough waters, you can develop techniques to successfully navigate life.   As a successful navigator, you learn…
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Embrace a Growth Mindset

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. On top of all of your responsibilities, you’re also in charge of your own education. You can’t stop learning, or you’re going to fall behind your competition, no matter your industry. All of the pressure on you might make that feel impossible. How do you handle it? By embracing a…
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7 Mindsets To Help You Live a Fully Embodied Spiritual Life

The time we live in is a challenging one. With so many external influences, from barrages of information to distractions that blur the vision of ourselves and the world around us, it’s often difficult to find focus and hear our own voices in the crowd. Stress always takes its toll, and our health and well-being…
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