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10 “Healthy” Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat

Companies in the food industry are experts of deception. They slap clever wording on their labels like “low fat,” “natural,” or “heart healthy” with the intention of making you believe their product is a healthy choice. But the sad truth is, many foods you find in the grocery store that are advertised as healthy are…
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Eating Organic Cuts Cancer Risk by up to 25%

Everyone knows that organic is the healthier choice. Now, new evidence sheds even more light on just how important it is to eat organic food. A groundbreaking study suggests that you can significantly cut down your risk of cancer just by eating organic. While organic food tends to be more expensive, this landmark study may…
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If You See This Number on Fruit’s Sticker, Avoid Buying It: Here’s Why

These days, it’s hard to know what to look for at the grocery store. With lots of information out on the internet about nutrition and food safety, there’s a lot to take into account when you buy fruits and vegetables. Locally grown? In season? Organic? Free trade? More than all of this, big food companies…
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Why Organic Food is Not Only Good for the Body, But the Mind and Soul Too

In this day and age, most are aware that organic food is better for the health of people and the planet. With increasing levels of exposure to toxins in the environment — like the burning of fossil fuels and industrial waste — now more than ever, it’s important to consume a clean diet to keep…
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Organic Food is Healthier by Far, Finds Study After Study

Organic food is healthier than conventional food by a long way, many studies are now showing. There are two main reasons why: pesticides and nutrients. Conventionally produced food is sprayed with numerous forms of pesticides, from insecticides to herbicides to fungicides and more. In large scale agriculture, these pesticides are petrochemical derivatives. In other words, they…
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There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World

Everything is changing, have you noticed? A few months ago, I freed myself from society, I’ve released myself from the attachments I had and fear that locked me to the system. And since then, I started seeing the world from a different perspective. The perspective that everything is changing and most of us have not…
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