Hi! I ‘m Gary, founder of UltimateWellness.Life and your health and wellness transformation expert.

We all live in a world where there is too much information coming at us in regard to health and wellness. We all struggle in today’s fast-paced society to eat nutritious foods, or even find time to take care of ourselves. Between the abundant information, and our never-ending schedules, we are often left feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated about our health. This then leads us to forfeit our health and turn to convenient foods that overshadow the proper nutrition our bodies need to live the lives we envisioned, creating bad habits that keep us in an unhealthy loop. If you can relate to the frustrating information, are not wanting just another fad diet, and are wanting to change your overall mindset about your health and wellbeing, then you are in the right place.
Many years ago, I was living the fast-lifestyle working long hours in the corporate world, choosing convenience over nutrition, I found myself unhappy with not only the way I looked, but also struggling to find the energy I needed to live a normal life. This led me to my own awakening, with the harsh realization that everything we put into our bodies profoundly affects our health and wellbeing. I was frustrated that everywhere I turned for answers, not only overwhelmed me, but didn’t solve the problem. I did not need a diet, I needed a whole new intervention on my way of thinking. This discovery has led me to uncover simple, easy and effective ways to gain optimum health and promote a balanced mindset. People were noticing my changes, and it triggered the passion to not only transform my own health and wellness, but that I can help others as well! I quickly became known as a trusted “health guru” among my family and friends as my tips were helping them as well!
I took my newfound passion in health and wellness and decided to gain the tools I needed to become a World Coach Institute Certified Professional Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coach. With my education, knowledge and experience my goal as a coach is to develop a unique program that fits with YOUR specific lifestyle and health requirements.
Starting with mindset and then moving into nutrition and self-awareness, the guidance and knowledge that you will walk away with after working with me is designed to empower you to embrace and maintain clean, healthy living for the rest of your life.

– Certified Professional Coach – WCI
– Certified Health & Wellness Coach – WCI
– Certified Nutrition & Diet Coach – Beck Health
– Certified Mindfulness Coach – NSA
– Health Hacker, Mindset Guru