Hi! I ‘m Gary, founder of UltimateWellness.Life and your health, wellness and life transformation specialist.
We all live in a world full of anxiety, stress, self-judgment and shame programming, which leads us to bad habits that keep us in an unhealthy loop.
Many years ago, I was living the fast-paced lifestyle, working long hours in the corporate world, and choosing convenience over health.  I found myself unhappy with not only the way I perceived myself, but also I struggled with stress and couldn’t find any joy and happiness in my life. This led me to my own awakening, with the harsh realization that the way we perceive ourselves (our self-awareness) and what we put into our bodies profoundly affects our health and overall wellbeing. I was frustrated that everywhere I turned for answers, not only overwhelmed me, but didn’t solve the problems I had. I did not need therapy or a fad diet, I needed a whole new intervention on my way of thinking. This discovery has led me to uncover simple and effective ways to gain optimum clarity and self-awareness; thereby changing and improving my health and mindset. I took my newfound passion and decided to gain the tools to help others, and became a World Coach Institute Certified Professional Life, Health and Wellness Coach. With my experience, knowledge and education, my purpose is to help others discover their own brilliance in life.
I work with clients to transform their mindset, self-awareness and nutritional habits, to empower and help them to embrace and maintain a happy, healthy and natural life.

– Certified Professional Coach – WCI
– Certified Health & Wellness Coach – WCI
– Certified Nutrition & Diet Coach – Beck Health
– Certified Mindfulness Coach – NSA
– Health Hacker, Mindset Guru