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4 Signs Your Ego is Dissolving

“The biggest ego trip going is trying to get rid of your ego. And the joke of it all is that your ego doesn’t exist.” ~ Alan Watts I don’t think anyone can truly prepare you for what it’s really going to be like to experience the un-gripping of the ego. While some people experience…
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The Predicament of the Separate Self

How does who we think we are affect what we have to give? How does our delusion of a ‘separate self’ narrow the range of our compassion? What different understanding of our being might nourish and deepen what we have to offer one another? All of us seem to be born into the experience of…
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12 Simple Keys to Awaken from the Illusion of the Somebody-ness

Our life in this world begins when we are born. It is obvious that we are alive, but we are not yet a personality. At that time only the simplicity and greatness of the present, the existence is known to us. The society, and its culture, is what shapes us into personalities while we grow…
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Ego Death

Waking up is an endless losing what you think you know, like a wave of destruction that leaves nothing, but what is true. —Unmani Death is a word that we humans usually associate with darkness, mourning, decay and general creepiness. We spend our entire lives running away from, avoiding and denying the fact that we…
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Has Spirituality become another Egotistical Identity?

Spirituality in the West has been severely distorted; being a marketplace of trinkets, self-help gurus, healers, a huge variety of spiritual practices, substances and so on. Somehow this culture has taken something very pure and simple and turned it in to something commercial, something competitive and into that which it is not. Our western mind…
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Explore the Infinite Awareness

According to humanistic psychology, we have three basic motivational factors that determine the work of the Ego-dominated mind. One is the need to belong to somebody, the other is the need of safety, and the third is the need of appreciation. These demands or needs appear in our life in the order listed above, and…
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