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7 Quick And Effective Ways To Introduce Children To Meditation And Mindfulness

With an estimated 8% of adult Americans currently using meditation today, it is clear that the practice is making a comeback in our modern society. At a time when we are struggling with our mental health more than ever, this is an incredibly positive and beneficial way of taking charge of our lives once again. Knowing the many benefits that…
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Conscious Parenting: Accepting Our Children As They Are

“In seeking to restore an experience of oneness between your children and yourself, the path leads by way of the discovery of communion with your own forgotten self. This is the case because establishing a meaningful partnership with your children will inevitably cause you to attend to the development of your own authentic being. As…
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8 Ways School is Making Children Stupid and Depressed

Our schools are supposed to guide children into growing up and learning essential thinking concepts, and responsibility, that will continue to serve them later in life.   Nowadays our schools are straying from that and doing more intellectual harm than good. The intelligence in kids ends up stagnating and fills them with stress. This all…
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10 Keys to Raise Spiritually Strong Children

In our life most of us have experienced one or two mysterious encounters, when visitors come to us from the unknown. These special guests are in fact our own children. We love them, and we are happy that they are here, but most of us do not accept them the way we should. They do…
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