Our schools are supposed to guide children into growing up and learning essential thinking concepts, and responsibility, that will continue to serve them later in life.

Nowadays our schools are straying from that and doing more intellectual harm than good. The intelligence in kids ends up stagnating and fills them with stress. This all leads up to the hectic world we now live in.

 8 Ways School is Depressing and Dumbing Down our kids:

1. It teaches children to conform
Schools aim to teach our kids to only conform to rules and do as they are told, even if they want to or not. They are forced to sit at a desk for hours sitting idle and behaving. They aren’t to interrupt one another or the teacher, but learn what is being taught to them. Most of the information fed to our kids doesn’t serve them a great deal later in life.

They limit their freedom by telling them when to go to the bathroom, to move and when to talk. While this ensues, children end up instilling distrust in their own conscience and assimilate to authority demands.

This doesn’t just hold them back, it also can deprive them of fulfillment and depress them.

2. It teaches children what to think, not how to think
Schools these days would rather our children become illogical ad lack the ability to come to a conclusion when information is being given to them.

They’re taught to believe what they are learning, even if it is or isn’t true. This doesn’t teach them to seek out the truth and enumerate their options. It prevents critical thinking and hinders its improvements.

3. It teaches children to be uncreative
When kids are young they have a lively imagination, yet our school system does nothing but silence it. Children are most creative at younger ages, and with that, they need the Arts. However, these days the Arts is becoming extinct in the school system around the world. The reason is due to it being a profession deemed not profitable.

Schools actually prevent our children from self-exploration and expressing their thoughts and feelings involving theater, music, art, painting etc. Instead, they are forced to sit in a classroom learning non-essential things that have no meaning to them. They end up neglecting their mind, spirit and heart as they aren’t learning to cultivate their own creativity.

4. It teaches children to fear failure
It’s a part of life to make mistakes because it gives us wisdom, yet the school system these days would rather instill fear of failure into kids. They push to make it come off more evil than it sounds.

They are taught to pass exams by studying, and when they fail, some are mocked and frowned upon. This enables children to avoid making mistakes, which will hold them back from making and completing goals later in life.

5. It teaches children to think play is bad
Kids love to play around, laugh, crack jokes, and have a sense of fun. Playtime fills kids with happiness and contentment.

As they grow up, children learn from school that play isn’t productive and wastes valuable time. It doesn’t. This only teaches them to be too serious and uptight about the future, that they begin to enter into depression. Children need play time to help them enjoy life and the current moment.

6. It teaches children to avoid listening to their heart
Children have a closer connection to the heart than adults do. After being conditioned and grown into adulthood, they will have already built up barriers between their heart and themselves.

This is directly caused from being cooped up in school for 5 days a week, being taught things they find dumb and hate doing, which they are constantly told will benefit them and society. With that, it instills the habit of distrust and a lack of conscience, as well as a loss of touch with the heart.

7. It teaches children to associate money with success
School is also teaching kids to associate money with personal success, which offers nothing to their self-growth. Children are instilled with the notion that life is about earning a top-notch salary, that sacrificing your happiness and a third of your life, to get a degree to work for a corporate giant as a corporate slave is the adult thing.

This forces children to prevent themselves from finding passion in their life and steer them from their clear purpose in this life.

8. It teaches children to sacrifice today for the sake of tomorrow
At school, children are taught to sacrifice the current moment for studying useless and dry material, for the sake of a reward in life. Nowadays people don’t enjoy the current moment and are always in a constant state of achieving ends for the future.

They think this will achieve happiness, but it doesn’t. Children shouldn’t spend their time worrying about the future, it only fills them with regrets, wastes their lives, and ends up sustaining psychological damage.