What would a world not driven by money look like?

Money is a powerful driver in the modern world, and for the most part, we’ve elevated it to the point of necessity. However, we do not need money to live healthy, fulfilling lives on this planet. The current structure of society is reliant on the constant trade of money; to get rid of money would mean a complete restructuring of how we interact with society.

If we could shift into the mentality of inner connected communities that exist harmoniously around the world; then the need for money truly disappears.

1. Work Becomes Play
When we’re all focusing on living off the earth, the idea of a ‘job’ ceases to exist. We don’t need people waking up to clean up waste, do accounting or govern cities. The people become the government and the work we do is in support of each other and the planet.

Many of the jobs at this level would be supportive – water supply, growing food, maintaining, and literally building the structures of the new earth.

For many people nowadays, career choices are all about the social ranking of what they do and the potential for earning. Without these drivers, many people would choose only to do their menial chores for society and focus their time on family or other creative and learning pursuits.

2. People will do what they Love
Where people do choose to go into fixed vocations, you’ll find that it is because they love and are drawn to this work.

Without the financial and social status drivers behind them, you’ll find healers drawn to healing and medicine, teachers drawn to teaching and the spiritual placed back into temples where they can uplift the community at large and contribute meaningfully.

In addition, we’ll more than likely see huge surges and advancements in these fields, because the people operating here no longer have limitations like ‘does the client want this’ or ‘can the client afford this’?

Take away the financial limitations of each person and you have a medical field that can pull out all the stops to save the lives of every person who needs help – not just those that can afford it.

3. More time for family
The endless treadmill that most of us are running on daily leaves us very little time to enjoy the families we clothe and house.

When survival is taken off the table as an issue, you’ll find that you have more energy to spend with your family – more time to enjoy them in your life.

Likewise, your working time contribution will be much more limited than what it would be in a free economy, which will give you more time to spend on your family – instead of all the time you dedicate to trying to make ends meet at the moment.

4. The majority of your stress disappears
How much of your modern stress is made up of survival issues? How am I going to pay the bills, buy food, pay rent, pay my creditors?

Take away the survival issues and all you are left with is your health, relationships, spirituality and how much you will grow and express yourself creatively going forward.

How much easier would your life be if you never had to worry about money, food, medication or a roof over your head? How much happier would you and your family be?

How many of the other stressors in your life are driven by the money/survival issue as well? What other areas of your life would become easier?

5. Education becomes Real
Without the mad scramble for wealth and social standing – as well as securing your future – we wouldn’t place half as much emphasis on education.

Education becomes a shared experience with everyone of all ages. Incredible learning can happen outside the classroom that only experience can teach.

When everyone becomes a teacher, then everyone is a student of each other. Learning doesn’t become impossible for them many who can’t afford to go to school. It is a birth right for all of us.