All beings, until awakened and living consciously in the heart, carry different degrees of imbalance. I feel it would be helpful to bring awareness to these 8 differences between awake and unconscious people.

We have seen these habits and thought patterns become so refined and second-nature within an unconscious being that they will usually choose the comfort of their ego’s patterns over the fear of change. Unfortunately for them, resisting change is resisting growth, movement and evolution; entropy.

I transformed myself and my own density by surrendering to the process of dissolving all that did not serve, surrendering to the call of my soul-mission, especially when it was hard.

Now that we are well into the fastest period of growth in the history of creation itself, entropy isn’t the horse I would bet on. Below you will see just a few of the differences between awakened and unconscious people that I intend will assist some to become more aware and conscious of themselves.

This is the simple law of life vs entropy.

8 Differences Between Awake And Unconscious People

  1. Love is the only thing that truly exists since it is the energy of creation itself and all is creation.
    An unconscious being has attached complex definitions and categories to everything and everyone.
  2. Living within the heart is the only true reality as it is the act of embodying love in all moments. Surrender is a key component to 5D living.
    An unconscious being acts within illusion, from a place of making choices that best serve them because they believe serving the all is not going to work out for their personal benefit.
  3. The heart lives in the present moment of now, unattached to outcomes and holding no expectations.
    The mind tells us to give only if we will receive, “this for that”.
  4. Love is shared with all unconditionally.
    The ego sees value only in those who meet predefined standards.
  5. Love says all are equal and a being living in the heart is living as a conscious mirror, an example of love.
    An unconscious being has “boxes” and stereotypes and sees some as better than others.
  6. When Love beings interact they share energy and multiply it through the giving and receiving of their divine love.
    Unconscious people interact with the notion that the other serves a purpose to their own benefit.
  7. The heart knows that control, thoughts of ownership and attachment are illusory.
    The unconscious mind manipulates the external world to reach a desired outcome.
  8. In love, everything is one and none of these belief systems are needed because within the flow of the present moment of now is where the highest outcome is in constant manifestation.
    Separation based on differences is a tool the mind uses for self-preservation.

“One ironic difference between ego and love is this;
Essentially, every single “solution” the ego mind-matrix fails to achieve in separation is inherently present from within the heart.
– Andrew R. Profaci

An unconscious being can be much like a black-hole for your energy. This is why I felt compelled to clearly outline the difference between ego or unconsciousness and the unconditional love of an awakened being.

Simply being aware of these 8 differences between awake and unconscious people makes the transformation into conscious living inevitable.

I feel the unconscious ego has been the embodiment of darkness on planet earth that will completely dissolve now as humanity’s ascension continues forward.

People like you and I are transforming ourselves and all that isn’t in alignment. Our light begins to shine so bright that all shadows around us begin to dissolve.

Until now, until becoming conscious, the ego had created a self-sustaining downward spiral that has brought humanity and Mother Earth to their knees and near the edge of complete annihilation.

As we continue to expand these energies of love, unity and transformation, our collective vibration begins to increase exponentially and will result in an ultimate transformation of our outer waking reality.

No more will we be living from a state of unconsciousness that causes an energy-drain among the population that results in homelessness, loneliness, famine, war, greed, etc…

Because beings like you are willing to accept the greatest mission of all, love is being the example and mirroring this to exponentially magnify this higher vibrational energy for the benefit of all.