In an interview with John Burgos (“Beyond The Ordinary”) this week, Lee Harris gave some guidance to people, who are waking up during this period of intense planetary overhaul, which will continue for decades to come. Since there will be many newly awakening people in our midst, it’s good for all of us to know: How to cope with awakening?

What is going on in the world?

This time on Earth is like no other. Lee Harris said we came here to witness and to be part of the birthing of consciousness in an all new way. We are dismantling and clearing the energies of war, enslavement, abuse, and dictatorship both collectively and individually. He explained:

  • There has been a shackle hold since 1930 that is being released energetically on the planet. The dismantling is not easy and is scheduled to go all the way through to 2070.
  • Nobody is getting away without experiencing some traumatic emotional pulses. It’s like learning to fly through an “asteroid field” of collective emotion, and looking after yourself in a new way. This can make us feel heavy, drained, confused or overwhelmed at times.

What’s more, the lightworkers are being “fired” from their old job, which was to offer space or hold the emotion or frequency for the room. Now that the collective is exhaling emotions in a big way, the lightworker has to get away, step back and not be the center of those emotions.

How are lightworkers changing?

Harris defined the term “lightworker” as anybody (whether spiritual, religious, or atheist), who is offering light, love, compassion, and service to humanity, the planet and the environment. But the design and role of lightworkers is changing now through a re-patterning process.

  • The earlier lightworker generations (“old guard”) were experts at putting their own feelings aside, while attending to the needs and crises of other people. They felt responsible for “fixing” or rescuing those who didn’t have anybody else to rely on.
  • The lightworkers themselves felt alone and isolated, thinking I’m alone, I’m a lighthouse, there aren’t many like me around here (which could mean I’m special or woe is me).

After years of doing this, they may start to feel angry, frustrated, stuck, anxious or depressed:

  • Why am I still here with all these unawake people? I thought I had made it. I want to go Home. It’s horrible here. I just want to get out of here and never come back to this planet.
  • When will I get a break? When do I get something back from all these people I’ve been helping? When do I get some reward for myself instead of seeing others follow their bliss?
  • The people around me seem to be devolving or getting worse. Is my work all for naught?

Harris observed that the collective emotions that were stuck, unprocessed or suppressed for generations are now coming out left, right and center. It can be overwhelming to those of us who are sensitive, empathic, or conscious lightworkers. Why is this happening to us?

How to cope with awakening?

The universe is teaching lightworkers to be human. They’re learning to identify where and when and how much of their energy to give to others. It’s an upgrade to their function.

Here are some points to consider for awakening people, as guided by Harris and others:

  1. Inner/outer world: When newly awakening, our inside world starts to move at lightning speed, while the world around us may not change all that much. There is a new, raw, more vulnerable yet powerful you that is emerging, which may startle your friends and family.
  2. Enmeshment: When we’re more unconscious about life, we’re still a lot like our mother, best friend or partner, because we haven’t activated our soul yet. When we awaken, we start to break away from some of the enmeshed energies with the people in our lives.
  3. Boundaries: We may need to set some new boundaries in our relationships. Suddenly, you feel the need to talk freely about some things, not because the people in your life are wrong, or that you feel like a victim, but to find a new way to navigate the relationship.
  4. Alone time: This is the stage of withdrawal from everyday life. The person just wants to spend time alone, especially if they’ve been highly enmeshed in helping people. They can’t see some of the same friends for a few days, few weeks or months. They need to feel the fire within without having to temper it or to explain themselves to their friends or family.
  5. Self-nurturing: Suddenly you may not want to help anybody, even though you thought you were a helpful person. This is a very important step in the early stages of awakening, in which you need to nourish yourself a little bit more with rest, relaxation, being outside in nature, and creating just for fun (e.g. play an instrument, listen to music, sing, draw).
  6. Overstimulated nervous system: People who are sensitive amplify the emotions of those around them. Their nervous system can get frazzled. To reset the electrical circuity in the head, get your head wet (e.g. shower, pool, body of water) to give your mind a break. Also imagine going through an air lock, where you shake off everybody’s energy field from you.
  7. Grounding: Connection to the body is really important to awakening people, who tend to go up and out of body. Their heightened sensitivity to frequency can make any minor body imbalance feel huge. To ground to Earth, hop up/down, walk barefoot or lie down on the grass, use your five senses, pay attention to the lower body, and drink lots of water.
  8. Moving energy: Take a class with other people (e.g. karate, yoga, dancing, something physical) to help you feel grounded, and to feel the collective energy through their bodies. Learn to dance with their energies, even if you’re not interacting with them physically. This will help you move energies within and outside your body, which keeps them clear.
  9. Learn something new: Take some time to learn a new skill that will reprogram your mind, and re-pattern your body around the new skill (e.g. play an instrument, learn a language).
  10. Intention: Write down your intentions to birth them into reality, and say them out loud. When you’re trying to do bigger things that seem overwhelming, go for medium things, trust and keep going. Soon you’ll be able to step into larger things without fear (e.g. I want to feel steady and confident as I’m taking increasingly bigger steps toward my big leap).
  11. Find your tribe: Lightworkers are no longer meant to be isolated or to feel alone. It’s time to find your tribe of like-minded people. It makes a big difference in how you will feel, if you’re around 10 depressed people vs. 10 people in love with life itself. Choose with care.
  12. Turn off the media: The stories fed by the media are meant to scare people, to tell you that everything is going wrong in the world. This keeps you in a fearful, contracted state, which is the opposite of your awake state, which is timeless, limitless, enlightening. You forget to see what’s right in front of you—a place of calm, which is like medicine for you.
  13. Turn off the technology: When we’re not grounded, we entrain with the frequency of electronics, not with the natural pulse of the Earth or the universe. Take some time out daily from using your phone, computer, and other gadgets. Go outside, sit in the sun, walk the dog, pet the cat, get grounded and connected with Earth’s natural energies every day.
  14. Activism: There are some people who are going to be activists like never before. They’re built to lead others, to organize them in ways to make changes in our governmental structures. Others won’t be compelled to go on marches, but will hold space for them in energetic ways. This is not avoidance or disassociation. It’s working in a different way.
  15. Daily spiritual practice: Some form of daily practice (e.g. meditation, contemplation, prayer) is absolutely essential to maintain or increase your own frequency in this world, when the collective is going through intense inner/outer turmoil. A balanced you is the best you for the world, for healing world crises, and for your circle of loved ones.

Final Thoughts

In the early stages of awakening, it’s easy to get a taste of the synchronicities, visions, auras, UFOs, premonitions, etc. which may help you get started on the spiritual path. But these things can become a distraction that keep you from your real work, which is the inner work you came to do toward self-realization and integration of your Higher Self into your human form.

Nobody on this planet is exempt from having to work on themselves, not even Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Yogananda, and other masters. They all had to work on their own development in both human and spiritual terms. That’s the process of human evolution and en-lightening.

Lee Harris pointed out that in order to embrace the new, we have to be willing to feel in a new way and to see in a new way. This means we cannot keep all of the old plates spinning, so we need to let some plates fall and crash, then change them for new ones, new contracts, and new ways of being and serving yourself and others. Learn to go in and out of the ebb and flow: Now I’m giving, now I’m with people, now I’m not.

The rise of the lightworkers is here, and it’s creating a ripple effect across the planet, as Harris’ guides said:

“We ask you to sit with this idea of the rise of the lightworkers, and to recognize that rise is yours. You are a collective group, and the rise will elevate you to greater experiences of connection, flow, love, oneness, knowing and experiencing — that is your abundance.

So it’s time, lightworkers, to stop taking responsibility for everyone else by monitoring what’s going on outside you and trying to help it, to recognize that a lightworker is perfectly primed and perfectly poised to arrive at their perfect responsibility for planet Earth and their role on planet Earth by also including themselves. Now go play in peace!”