If you haven’t looked into the works of Dr. Jeffrey Long yet you really should. He has been researching life after death and NDEs for quite some time and has some very interesting information for us all in regards.

In Dr. Long’s book ‘Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences’ he goes over 9 specific criteria in regards to considering near-death experiences and their universal consistencies. He spent 10 years working on the study and research that he goes over in this book and it is quite in-depth. Through his research, he has determined that consciousness is able to survive bodily death and that it from there moves on to some kind of afterlife.

There seems to be an area that many of us enter when our bodies fail and this could only be referred to as some kind of afterlife. This kind of thing is not explainable and every time he has been faced with some kind of ‘debunker’ he has managed to actually ‘debunk’ them as well. The similarities between NDEs and so forth go far beyond any kind of traditional explanation. His book in itself is based on over 600 different NDE files he went over and are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what he has really gone over and looked into.

Written on his website NDERF is as follows in regards:

Dr. Long provides nine “lines of evidence” to convince the reader that NDEs establish a factual life after death and the reality of other dimensions in time and space. The tunnel reported by so many is intriguing – something like a black hole? The NDE experiencer has a kind of spiritual body, rather like what the Apostle Paul described after his out-of-body experiences. The experiencer can “see” in all directions at once, which is interesting from the point of view of physics – and NDE experiencers universally report a cessation of time or any concept of time. They also have immediate access to an immense and stunning knowledge of the universe, as though previously hindered by the limits of the human brain. They can travel instantly to any place and sometimes cruise the galaxy or universe for a while before encountering the Being of Light. Many also report that the experience is like “going home.”

Best of all, the Being of Light (interpreted as God, Jesus, or an appropriate Buddhist or Hindu entity) floods the soul with love and warmth and acceptance beyond words. Survivors are haunted for decades by this aspect and often are depressed when brought back to this life by physicians. Most, but not all experiences, wish to stay with the light, but mothers with babies or small children often (and reluctantly) ask to return to earthly life.

The NDEs follow the same pattern across cultures, geographic areas, and religions. Many who were religious fundamentalists are surprised that they do not experience what they expected. By a wide margin, they become less religious but more spiritual. Often they give up “type A” pursuits for service to mankind or for personal spiritual development.

NDEs discourage suicide and those who attempt it are strongly warned that it displeases God, who has a purpose for every human being. In fact, the worth of every human life, however modest, is one of the ringing messages of the whole phenomenon. However, the cruelty of the universe (predator/prey) is never explained.

Dr. Long hopes that future studies of healings and psychic abilities among NDE experiencers will help shed light on the subject.

Now, whether or not you believe his research is proof of an afterlife or not is completely up to you. I personally am interested but not convinced just yet. There does surely have to be something more to these NDEs than we are willing to accept and I think that through his research we can uncover just that if we dig deep enough.

Dr. Long told Skeptiko as follows in regards to some of those who belittled his work:

Regarding speculation that NDEs result from regaining consciousness during CPR chest compressions, Dr. Long said, “When you talk to the patients who have actually survived CPR one thing that is very, very obvious is that the substantial majority of them are confused or amnesia when they’re recovered. If you read even a few near-death experiences, you immediately realize essentially none of them talk about episodes of confusion when they just don’t understand what’s going on. You really don’t see that at all. In fact, our research found that 76% of people having a near-death experience said their level of consciousness and alertness during the NDE was actually greater than their earthly, everyday life. So, you have to come away with the conclusion that even if there’s blood flow to the brain induced by CPR, it’s not correlated with the level of consciousness and alertness reported during near-death experiences.”

Dr. Long continues, “But also, in addition, the substantial majority of people that have a near-death experience associated with cardiac arrest are actually seeing their physical body well prior to the time that CPR is initiated. Once CPR is initiated, you don’t see any alteration in the flow of the near-death experience, suggesting that blood flow to the brain isn’t affecting the content in any way.”

What do you think about all of this? Could NDEs be proof of an afterlife of some kind or are they something else entirely? To hear Dr. Long speak check out the video below. We can only hope to better understand things like NDEs in the future.