There are numerous indications that consciousness have an active role in the establishment of physical reality.

Many deep-rooted beliefs in our subconscious mind influence our interpretation of everything that happens to us.

Quantum Mechanics provide us with details on how various things in the universe interact. In a study conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science, research was done to prove in an unusual theory that the observer has control of the reality they perceive.

Researchers recorded how an electron beam is affected by being observed.
The outcome was, the stronger the observation, the more the effect is translated to the beam.

Through this theory, it can be deduced that we can change the way things happen. The implications of this study make us question, do we indeed create our reality?

In life, one of the most important and influential forces in our lives is our thoughts. Hence the question, is our brain creating reality from a perception of our memories?

Some believe that recurring motives such as pain, loss, disappointment, or even an accident can cause features in our reality later in our lives.

Our emotions can also control our thoughts, especially when under the influence of a substance, which can generate feelings to do things that can alter our reality.

Therefore it would indirectly morph the images what we see into what we want to see. We may even confuse our dreams with our memories.

Your mind is a very potent tool, as it can attract failure, fear or success. It all depends on where you are focusing your thoughts.

Our subconscious could cause blockages such as we want to make money yet our subconscious mind gives off a totally different order. As an example; growing up you could of heard people saying that it is difficult to archive riches, and that rich people have a horrible attitude. That has stuck in your subconscious, and you have to work past that belief.

Change the way you use your mind. It is not possible to think negative and postive thoughts at the same time. One will always dominate it.

For any change you have to start with the internal to change the external. It is essential to train your conscious mind to think positive thoughts, like success, happiness, wealth, health, prosperity. Get rid of the negative thoughts, easier said than done, but to get what you want in life you have to stop the worry and fear thoughts. Only think of what you want to manifest in your life.

The conclusion is that quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.