Here are seven ways you can be true to yourself:

1) Be self-responsible and create the environment you want.

Create an environment, at home and at work that allows you to express your true self.  Notice the environments you enjoy.  What is happening in these environments that are not happening in the environments that drain you?  Note your feedback, the essential ingredients e.g. systems, atmosphere, people; note their quality and quantity.  Now with this key information create environments that will be more supportive of you and your true self.

2) Give yourself the gift of time alone.

Spend time alone and enjoy the peace it brings.  Allow yourself to tune into your higher self, Spirit, intuition – whatever it is within you that guides you.  Honor the inner guidance, inklings and feelings you receive during these quiet moments of solitude, these will support you in being yourself.

3) Drop behaviors that no longer fit for you.

Your behaviors are like clothes, they can either pull you down or make you feel great.  Do your old familiar behaviors still fit?  If not prepared to drop them and find more empowering behaviors that support you in being true to yourself. If you feel there is a place where you can improve, work to improve on it. Read books on personal development or build new healthy habits. If there are behaviors that no longer fit you, drop them, and if there are behaviors that you want to introduce to your life, do them.

4) Make it easier, get support.

Surround yourself with people who honor you and bring the best out in you.  If the going gets tough, be kind to yourself and recruit the support of an objective person, possibly a colleague or coach, who is willing to challenge you and keep you on track.

5) Commit to loving, accepting and valuing yourself.

Be prepared to stand up for who you are.  Let your values, your essence, be known and be willing to accept that the values of others may differ from yours.  Acknowledge that by loving and valuing yourself you are being true to yourself and you empower others to be true to themselves.

6) Speak your truth.

Communicate your feelings and thoughts, rather than withhold, edit or censor them.  See anything less than truth as being destructive of yourself and of the relationships you are in.  Do not let your need to be loved or respected by another or your fear of losing someone or a job, stop you communicating your truth with grace.

7) Acknowledge the power of intention.

Intention brings freedom, freedom to be yourself.  Your mind is powerful so make sure that the beliefs you hold support your intention to be true to yourself.  Remember that your loving relationship with yourself does not need to exclude other important relationships in your life, backed by intention it will enhance them.

Ultimately, being yourself means staying true to your core values and principles, but being willing to improve upon yourself and work on personal development so you can live your best life.