Each plane plays an important role in your life, and no plane is more important than the other.⁣

The Mental Plane sits in the middle, and can only be balanced when you find stability and harmony in the other four planes.⁣

Each plane above or below the Mental Plane corresponds with the plane on the opposite side. The Physical Plane is balanced by the Virtual Plane, just as the Emotional Plane is balanced by the Spiritual Plane. If you find yourself too strong in one plane, focus on its opposite plane to find balance once again.⁣

For instance, if you’ve overemphasized your Virtual Plane, you might feel ungrounded and disconnected from reality. Work on your Physical Plane by strengthening your body, and you’ll feel more grounded in physical reality.⁣

To avoid focusing too much on one plane, remember that any activity you do on autopilot is an escape that will lead to imbalance. Focusing too much time on meditation, physical exercise, your emotions, or the virtual world will lead to poverty in other areas of your life.⁣

If you don’t like working on one plane and prefer working on its opposite, look at what you’re avoiding in that plane and how you can work on it authentically.⁣

Physical Plane

The physical plane builds a solid foundation for reality, allowing us to navigate swiftly and powerfully through the world.

One of the best ways to work on the physical plane is through conscious physical exercise, which helps your body process reality more effectively.

Emotional Plane

We process our emotions and feelings through the emotional plane. A balanced emotional plane allows us to understand our feelings and navigate the currents of life successfully.

Connecting to your inner child, releasing stored emotions, and writing letters you’ll never send are all great ways to strengthen the emotional plane.

Spiritual Plane

The spiritual plane is all about gaining perspective of the infinite game, allowing you to see your life more clearly and connect to your eternal nature.

You can work on the spiritual plane through meditation and any activities that help you expand your perspective of reality.

Virtual Plane

The virtual plane is the realm of consciousness and the imagination beyond the physical. The virtual plane helps us to gain valuable experience and wisdom faster than in the physical plane.

Consciously watching movies, playing video games, and exploring your creativity are all ways to work on the virtual.

Mental Plane

Encompassing what we call ‘mental health,’ the mental plane exists between the four other planes. When you’re out of balance in the virtual, spiritual, emotional or physical plane, your mental health is affected.

To balance the mental plane, first focus on bringing the other four planes into balance.