Self improvement is part of the process of life. The understanding of life is possible with the self development. Unless you understand the process of life in depth, you only live in illusion. Life has to be understood, and the understanding of it is possible through self-understanding.

Unless you reflect on the self, and work on the self, there is no way you can get to the understanding of life. The whole process of life is about self-reflection. You have to develop the eyes to look into life. The path of self-improvement is to develop an eye that can directly look into life.

All our choices and decisions of life are based on our understanding. Unless we consciously try to understand life, we live in our illusory world that adds more illusions to life.

The reason of our suffering is the attachment with the temporary. When you associate yourself with the eternal, you free yourself from all the sufferings of life.

Before you associate with the eternal, it’s necessary you have to have an eye to realize the eternal. Unless you realize the eternal, you only live with illusory aspects of life.

The mind knows how to take you for a ride. The process of self-improvement makes you familiar with the mind. The more you know about your body, mind and soul, the more you realize the truth of life.

Life has many layers, and so does our mind. The process of self-improvement is to remove all those layers and discover our true authentic self. It requires great effort on everyday basis to discover the true self.

The self is the truth in you. This self is part of the eternity. This self is never lost. The self is the soul in you. The soul in you is covered by the activities of the mind. When you dig deeper within the mind, you can find the true self, which is different from the identity of the mind.

The process of self-improvement is the process of transformation. You have to be willing to shed all the undesired identity that you have acquired over the time. This different identity creates layers upon layers on the self. When you consciously drop all those layers from the mind, you discover the self, who is free from all the identities of the mind.

If you wish to serve others, your family, friends or society, first and foremost you have to serve yourself. Only by serving the self, you can serve the world around you. The magic of life is such that the time you change, the world around you tend to change with you.

The process of change starts with you.

Life wants you to lead. You can only lead when you are growing from within. The real growth in life happens from within. You learn, practice and apply. When you gain knowledge, you develop a new perspective towards life. When you apply that knowledge in your day-to-day life, you gain experience out of it. This experience’s lead you to better experiences in life in the future.

The humans grow with their experiences in life. Whats important is how you enhance the quality of your experience. Every day, all your striving is to make the quality of your life better. If your life is not closer to the natural process of life, sooner or later you will find the emptiness in your life.

Your everyday life should come out of wisdom. This wisdom comes to you when you live your life inside out. The flow of life is continuous.

You have to observe your thoughts, and see that your thoughts flow naturally within you or you experience the doubts, fear, anxiety or something else?

If your thoughts are free from all the bondages and attachments, then it flows naturally with the process of life, but if your thoughts are all about self-doubts, then lots of work is needed within.

The process of self-improvement not only gives you the growth in terms of heights, but it also detaches you from the bondages of life.

Everyday life comes with immense possibilities. When you are on the path of self-improvement, you make most out of every opportunities and make it a ladder to take you to another level.