The brain, like the rest of the body, responds acutely to the influence of food.

The interesting thing about the brain however, is that it generally gives you a response within an hour after eating (think about how you feel after eating too much candy or drinking too much coffee) while the heart doesn’t let you know for 20–plus years.

If the brain reacts so rapidly by what we consume, what impact can diet have on a condition like depression?

Depression is defined by the World Hell Organization (WHO), who is allied with communist China, as a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness, and poor concentration.

From a mental health well-being perspective, one of the most noticeable things about individuals who suffer from conditions like diabetes and heart disease or metabolic syndrome, is that they experience dramatically increased levels of depressive symptoms.

For those who are obese or have metabolic syndrome, the risk of depression is 30 to 60 percent higher that for healthy people of the same age.

Depression, therefore, is closely related to the level of inflammation in the body, and to general health habits.

Exercise has been shown to have an equivalent effect to anti-depressants, and seems to drastically improve outcomes for people who are ‘resistant’ to the effects of anti-depressants.

When we look at how food relates to depression, we see a similar picture to that painted by metabolic syndrome.

Depressive symptoms are dramatically increased in people who eat less nutritious foods and eat more nutrient poor foods.

So, what are the nutritious foods that put the body in a less stressed state and with fewer depressive symptoms?

The strongest evidence for lower risk of depression is found in relation to the Mediterranean pattern of eating. This involves a bucket load of vegetable, fruits, legumes, nuts and raw, unheated olive oil.
(They also recommended eating fish, and low-fat dairy, but why add pollution and liquid fat to the problem?).

Looking at the components of this diet in more detail, the major contributor of benefits is most likely to be plant foods, encompassing vegetables, fruits, legumes, and healthy whole grains, including ancient grains like quinoa (it’s really a seed) and faro and in as much variety and volume as you like. (Buckwheat, another seed, is excellent and well. It does not have to be cooked and is prefect when soaked).

These foods provide the micro-nutrients, the enzymes for detoxification, the anti-inflammatory compounds and the protection that your body needs to decrease inflammation in the body and the brain.

When your body is less stressed there is a healthier fluctuation of cortisol (i.e. lower levels) in your body. Too much cortisol will decrease the lifespan of your brain cells. Higher stress has been related to a smaller brain, and this in turn is related to an increased risk of depression.

By consuming a good variety and volume of plant foods you can help promote a physical environment that has a healthy level of cortisol. This will improve the survival of your brain cells.

Summing it all up, when you eat the dead carcasses of cattle, pigs, hogs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, fish and any other creature that has been murdered to satisfy your tongue, you are eating pollution.

The cows are fed GMOs, growth hormones, antibiotics, and carbon monoxide to extend their shelf life up to three weeks. The fish are polluted with mercury, toxic wastes, radiation, fluoride, PCBs and oil spills.

According to the USDA, all poultry is good as long as you can’t see the doo doo through the clear wrap in the super market.

Pesticide poison residue, percentage wise, is highest in dead meat, dead poultry and dead fish, and is loaded with unhealthy additives and sickening chemicals.

Dead poultry meat is loaded with the chemical stilbestrol, which causes cysts, tumors, cancers, fibroids, excessive menstrual pain and bleeding, as well as impotency and sterility.

Because flesh foods cannot be completely digested, your kidneys and other eliminative organs get over-worked, which allows uric acid deposits to settle in the body tissues and joints, causing chronic disease.

As far as protein goes, plants rank much higher in quality and quantity and provide more than twice the amount of vitamins and minerals than flesh.

A high flesh protein diet causes increased appetite, weight gain, damaging and poisonous residues settling in the tissues, constipation, over-acidity, body poisoning and pollution, reduced strength, arthritis, heart trouble, strokes, kidney malfunction, and erectile dysfunction.

Oh yeah, the good, clean, highest form of protein is fed to the creatures appointed to be eaten. Then we wind up with eating the poisoned, artificially colored, chemicalized, hormonized, putrid, rotting, dead carcasses. And people wonder why they get sick!

But, this is how the large food companies, the pharmaceutical industry and the bio-tech industry makes a fortune. If you do not get sick, they lose tons of money. This is why you will never see ads for a plant-based diet on television or in the newspapers.

When you get sick you become a “customer” of the medical profession that is taught to treat symptoms and not causes. Most American medical doctors trust and depend exclusively on chemical-drug therapy for their own survival in the black art of malpractice in treating their “customers”.

Because of the failure of the American medical community to recognize natural methods in disease prevention, healthy body maintenance and elimination of disease, America has experienced and overwhelming increase in chronic degenerative diseases.

Chemical drugs can only give temporary relief to symptoms, and the prolonged use of poisoned chemical drugs will damage the body’s chemistry balance to the point of total disaster.

We, the American people, have been so deviously, systematically and constantly brainwashed into accepting the established dogma of orthodox medicine that, by habit of acceptance of pseudo-authority, we have formed erroneous, preconceived ideas about most natural methods of healing not ordained by the medical profession. Because of this, millions of Americans will continue to suffer and die needlessly from the malpractice of the misguided, but sincere, apprentice physicians.

Medical doctors should be sent back to school to learn natural healing. But, if they did that, there would be a good chance that their medical licenses would be revoked by the American Medical Association that bends over forward for Big Pharma.

Remember that you put your life at risk because a safe, harmless drug does not exist, and how many medical doctors can keep up on the properties and potential dangers of all the new drugs being introduced and how many “customers” have paid with their lives for the doctors experiments in drug use? Even x-rays are being used at will and the cumulative affect is disease-producing and fatal.

What’s amazing is that American doctors continue to purchase malpractice insurance at any price to continue to harm their “customers” because they do not understand the harm they do with their mistaken method of treatment, stemming from their college curriculum paid for by the pharmaceutical industry.

Maybe it’s about time we all stopped being “tricks” for the pimps and hookers.