In today’s society, we are beginning to gain a better understanding of holistic approaches to health. For years, medicinal training has focused on procedures and medicines that can be used to improve health. Although these practices are important, they are better when they are paired with a more holistic approach to overall health. 

By definition, western medicine is “a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery. On the flip side, alternative medicine is “any of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture.” When these two practices are combined, you gain advanced scientific knowledge that heals disease and everyday practices that can be used to better overall health. In this article, we will share the pros and cons of holistic health approaches and western medicine.

Western Medicine

As mentioned previously, western medicine is whatcomes to mind when you think about medical treatment in the United States. These highly regarded professionals are not only brilliant, they help keep our society safe and healthy. Although there are many benefits to this type of care, there are a few downsides as well.


There are a few positive aspects of western medicine that make it a popular choice among the population. Specifically, this form of medicine offers:

  • Effective ways to diagnose illnesses quickly
  • Benefits in emergency situations that require intensive care
  • Access to quick solutions with minimal discomfort

In situations that need urgent attention, this approach is typically the most effective. 


Although this approach is helpful in emergency situations, it offers a few significant disadvantages, including: 

  • Commonly addresses the symptoms of an illness without eliminating the illness
  • Extensive side effects
  • Puts the patient in compromising situations that could cause further damage

Since western medicine relies on surgery and procedures to heal ailments, there is a high risk of a mistake being made. Each year, there are thousands of mistakes made by surgeons. Many people work diligently to find a law firm that can help justify their case and reconcile the damages.  

Holistic Health

Recently, more specialists are taking a holistic approach to health or using “alternative medicine.” During this form of treatment, specialists focus on using holistic remedies and practices to heal the body from the inside out. Although this sounds ideal, it comes with advantages and disadvantages.


There are many benefits that are found when practicing alternative medicine. Specifically, this type of treatment:

  • Addresses the root cause of the issue and heals the body from the inside out
  • Can be practiced without fear of side effects or malpractices
  • Supports the natural systems of the body while healing aches, pains, and discomforts

When practicing this form of medicine, many people find that their health and mood is improved.


As with all practices, there are cons to holistic health, including:

  • No proven methodology or government approval to this form of treatment. As a result, the success can vary drastically based on the person
  • Offers a slow process rather than immediate fix. This is not beneficial to those suffering from terminal disease

Although the scientific evidence and government input on this form of medicine is progressing, there are still many factors that are unknown.


As you can see, there are many pros and cons to western and alternative medicine. Rather than viewing your approach to healthcare as a one-size-fits-all solution, you can take factors from each practice and combine them to improve your overall health.