“While moving through a life an incarnate engages in many relationships.  Some bring great experience, while others fail miserably.  Some unfold easily while others are combative.  One often ponders what exchanges will bring the most growth.  Searching for answers about relationships is a daunting task.  Where should one begin?

     It is important to know that the one that matters most is the relationship you have with your self.

     As the life progresses one often begins to judge their choices and perspectives.  If something is not going well sitting in judgement of the self can be damaging.

     Choices are not always positive, making outcomes enhanced with negativity. 

     Take the time to know yourself, the good and the not so good.  Avoid the judgement when you make errors.  They are simply a result of wanting the best but somehow making wrong turns.  It is part of the evolution process.  So to be harsh on yourself can result in loss of experience.

     Do not lose sight of your goals.  Getting derailed in a situation is not the time to turn away from the self.  It is the time to embrace it while giving your self comfort.  Growth is achieved with good and bad choices.  Let your energy know that you still see the goodness within.

     Become better friends with the self.  Do not let your striving for perfection hinder the love within.  Perfection is often elusive but it does not mean you are worthless.  It means you are an evolved soul seeking expansion through experience.  Sometimes that moment is difficult.

     Rise above and see your true worth.  Lose the personal judgement.  Stop being mad at yourself.  There is a way to peace and harmony.

     You are valuable and you will see the opportunities with a better vision of who you really are.

     Think it.

     Believe in it.

     Become it.” 

~ Veronica