“During the life of an incarnate there are many opportunities for growth.  The linear concept of past, present, and future plays into being able to create those probabilities.

     We hear often how past experience in a life can have devastating consequences on your ability to create.  One can get caught up on creating from a past perspective.  Whatever the dramatics, centering oneself in the past can cause disruption in your future.  Living in the past does not allow for clearly creating your future.

     Everyone has a past.

     Everyone has a future.

     We realize most spend a lot of time putting great importance upon the past and future.

     What you should care about is what happens today.  It is the strongest place to be.  It has the possibility of healing the past while creating your future.  This is only available in the present, making today the most powerful place in the Universe.

     Today offers opportunity for vast abilities.

     Stay focused now.

     It will allow one to let the past be the past.  Declutter your now for the future you desire.


     Stay there while living.”

                                                                  ~ VERONICA