“Being in a relationship involves a delicate balance of yourself as you relate to the other person.  Often one will attempt to shoulder the whole energy exchange upon themselves by giving more energy than the partner.  This may work for a while but ultimately without balance the relationship will fail.  It can be comfortable for the other individual but without even exchange of energy it is a struggle.

     Asking a partner who is out of sync to suddenly become aware of the much needed exchange is often disappointing.  The other simply cannot muster enough of their personal sensing to create the intimate relationship one wishes for.

     Decide to enter any partnership only after you enhance the relationship with yourself.  By doing so you require the other person to rise to that perspective as well.  In relationships it’s not two halves that make it whole.  It is two individuals who are comfortable with their own inner perceptions.  Both parties must be whole to create the partnership.

     So if you are seeking a relationship do your own internal work first.  Attempt to know and be complete before you begin the process.  Another energy does not complete you.  It is important to go into it already aware of your own completeness.

     Being balanced internally will keep you both in a truthful sphere of reality.  Living in hope should transform into living in truth.

     So begin now.

     Do the internal work to become whole.  then and only then take the steps into a relationship built upon wholeness.  It is the true path to a lasting relationship.”

                                                                  ~ VERONICA