“We are often asked about the “purpose” of being incarnate.  There can be a lost feeling regarding purpose when one is living a physical life.  All wish to be purposeful but sometimes the essence of it slips through one’s fingers.  It can make one feel adrift in a sea of dramatics.  Feeling directionally lost compounds the disconnect.

     The problem can be exaggerated by the defining of purpose based upon linear achievement.  It is important to realize the vibration of your Soul is the key ingredient in purposeful existence.  The Universe is not interested in linear achievement.

     It is interested in how you exist in your environment with your vibration.

     Does it resonate with kindness?  It’s easy to become so involved in the task that one may lose the intenseness of the energy.  Do not get your purpose confused by the linear.  It’s not a destination.  It is a state of being.

     Be still.

     Be kind.

     Be supportive.

     Be focused.

     It’s all at your fingertips.  A state of being that changes the world through vibration.  Being physical allows for that state to create dramatics for better understanding.

     That is what your purpose is.  Each of you bring your personal signature to the experience while working, playing, and learning in the physical environment.

     Be more involved energetically.

     Consider it.”

                                           ~  VERONICA