“Physical reality is a chessboard of thought and action.  At first glance one would observe the present moment as a canvas of creativity.  A lot of people assume that everyone is operating full focus in the present.  Isn’t that how it works?

     Not exactly.

     The truth is that most are triggered from the past that might not have gone well.  The majority would consider that past to be located in the current life.  A bad childhood, an abusive parent, a lack of support…. the list can be endless.

     Some belief systems define the experience of life in a simple line.  You are born you live, you die and resurrect into a heavenly state.  The path defined to include only the current time line.

     Consider that the human experience is not so simple.  Consider how complex it really is.

     We know that most fear that by expanding one’s awareness to include multiple lives that the current one would be diminished somehow.

     This life you currently live is but a chapter in the big picture.  While navigating, include in your awareness that there is a probability that you are being influenced by past life experience as well.

     Allowing the failures and successes from them to influence your current moment negatively can be difficult.

     So if you are confused about dramatics occurring that somehow don’t make sense, consider that it may be a past life.  Operating within them while living in the present may be problematic.

     Check yourself.  Define all of your experiences while realizing their place.

     A life lived truly in the present is often more fruitful.

     Consider it.”

                                                                                   ~ VERONICA