“In physical reality a great deal of attention is paid to creating one’s life.  Most desire to know their future so that they might feel comforted ahead of time.  The truth of the matter is that being ahead of time is an inaccurate perception.

     Time is perceived in a linear environment.  In your environment it is based upon the rotation of your planet.  A past present future perception occurs as the rotations participate in the reality.

     Often time is considered the enemy.  It seems to race beyond your control, leaving a sense of inadequacy within your perceptions.  Perhaps for a moment leave the idea of time racing aside.  Instead decide to just “be”.  It will help with the “rat race” created by the concept that time controls you.  Instead attempt a timeless journey that allows for your personal evolvement to quicken rather than decline.

     If you feel the push for time to race around you, decide for a moment to just stand still.  Really observe the present.  Know that the present is the key to using physical reality for your optimum growth.

     Every day, stand still.  Really stand still.  Observe what you feel in that silent moment.  It may be an enlightening experience.  Step out of the race and just be.  It may feel odd at first.  It is important to go with it even if briefly.

     Take control of your time.  Do not let it control you.”

                                                                          ~  VERONICA