“One of the best gifts of physical reality are 5 basic senses of the human body.  We say basic because there are many other “senses” you posses that perhaps you have not discovered yet.  The human potential for more is dancing around every single one of you.

     Yes.  You are aware of sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.  From the moment you were born you began to cultivate those senses.  By the time you are an adult the abilities of those gifts of life became unconsciously operational.  What if you practiced the sixth one of intuition?  What if the exploration began when the others began?

     Intuition has been often overlooked.  Those with a strong one often can use it without a lot of focus.  What if those with a little less (like having glasses to strengthen your sight) began to practice until it was just utilized with ease.

     We know that some dismiss intuition as some sort of fluke of nature.  Not something to be captured for the incarnate to help with their new journey.

     We ask for all of you to explore this very powerful sense.  When it rises up in life attempt to draw it closer,  Relax into it.  (You can’t force yourself to see, for example….. but you can wear lenses to make it all more clear.)  The same applies here.

     Practice without judgement.

     Know that indeed it is available to you.  It’s not some place of make believe.  It is real.  It is another tool of navigation.

     Allow yourself to partake.

     Encourage its rise and use it to become more of who you really are while incarnate.”

                                                   ~ VERONICA