“There are many paths in reality that lead to creation and manifestation.  It is important to find the correct energy to do so with ease.

     The two most common ways are forcing and allowing.  The denseness of the atmosphere on earth can cause the forcing, one thinks, is necessary to accomplish anything.  The difference between allowing and forcing is huge.  There are many who decide that it is necessary to push the energy.  Each push they feel does create the desired effects in their reality.  It might work for a while but can become exhausting and disappointing.

     Perhaps if you are feeling defeated, try allowing the energy to flow.  Everything is created by an ebb and flow of energy.  Use yours to facilitate just that.  Relax your perception of creation so that it creates itself naturally.  Take a calm breath and focus.  See the energy as an exchange.  Allow your desire for the creation to ride that type of energy instead of forcing it.

     See what happens.

     You may be surprised.”

                                                                  ~ VERONICA