“We are often asked about the creation of one’s reality.  Some naturally create harmony daily while others struggle to maintain the reality they find themselves in.

     Thinking that there is a planned reality that you are victim to is an inaccurate, unfortunate moment for the incarnate.  It is important to realize that you are indeed the creator of your reality.  Often one can get off track forgetting their gift of free will.

     Instead of giving in to any self doubt, decide instead to get to the root of the problem.  Allow yourself to engage into a probe of your inner self.  Examine all the boundaries you may have created while engaging your reality.

     Perhaps buried deep down.  Worthiness is an internal struggle.  The question posed by an insecure soul with unlimited potential.  It’s an inner conflict often never addressed, however, if it had been your reality may be different.

     Partner up with the Universe.

     Once you decide you are worthy the Universe will be in complete harmony with you.

     You see, the Universe already know you are worthy,  It is just waiting for you to realize it as well.

     Once you accept and know yourself, nothing is out of reach.  The important word here is knowing yourself.  If acceptance follows then the correct reality exists.

     There needs to be a dance between knowing and acceptance.  Without the dance the reality you desire may be denied or delayed.

     Start by being with yourself without all the distractions.  You may discover things about yourself.  You may suddenly realize how easy it is to create what you want.

     You are able to do this.

     Give it a chance.”

                                                          ~ VERONICA