“Living your current reality can be tedious and difficult.  Interacting with other incarnates can become confusing, especially when their actions are questionable.  How can one maneuver through such a maze of energy with clarity?

     Start by remembering that all who are incarnate are wearing a costume.  Each life is represented through the flesh and dramatics of the linear environment.  Often the perception of what one observes may not be the real energy at all.  Many forget where they came from.  Many lose sight of the roots of their existence.  Many hold the belief that the current life is the core of their awareness.  Many do not realize the multiple dimensionality of their true selves.

     We advise that it is important to see the Soul of others instead of their physical form.  The Soul always shines through if you truly look.  An evolved individual takes in the linear perceptions of another, but remembers that it is the Soul energy that is the true definition.

     As you walk through life remember that this life is but a  chapter in the novel that is you.  See the light in others while shining your own.

     When you interact with others attempt to see the whole story.

     All the experiences.

     All the lives.

     All of the incarnates you encounter are soulful manifestations.  Attempt to take that into your awareness instead of the physical presentation.

     Remembering that you are all spiritual beings instead of just a physical being is the point.  See the light in others.  It’s there.  Look past the physical for just a moment.

     What you may find is peace and harmony.”  

                                                          ~ VERONICA