“While incarnate it is easy to get all caught up with the dramas of linear reality.  It is a rush of events that can leave one spinning out of control.  Reacting to the denseness while making choices can leave one confused and wondering how to navigate in such a sea of chaos.

     By having to focus so intently the ability to maneuver yourself through the life becomes a daunting task.  

     It is important to remember that you are not just a physical being.  All of your creations are not a result of being incarnate.  Your movement is facilitated by your soul and nothing else.  The sets, costumes, and scripts were a part of the soulful plan you wished to enact while in the physical.

     At the end of the day it will all be left behind.  What remains is a powerful entity that has had a lot of experience.

     We know it is the easiest thing to get caught up in the “stuff”.  It’s not the intention of the soul to accumulate “the stuff”.  The soul likes to create but knows clearly that what really matters is the well being of its frequency.

     Decide to allow your soul to voice it’s viewpoint as you move through your life.  It will help you remember who you really are.  Make your decisions based upon a soulful vibration perspective.  Your soul remembers all of your experiences.  Allow it to weigh in often. 

     Set aside all “the stuff” in your perspective.  Let your soul come forward with all of its frequency.  It will alleviate the denseness that can be so difficult.

     You are a soul having a physical experience, why not let your physical feel and be more of your soul?”

                                                   ~ VERONICA