“In a chaotic environment where an individual response is often not heard it is then important to go internal for peace.

     While dwelling in your heart it is important to embrace true self awareness.  Recognizing the value you bring to the table, an inspection of your own self esteem is often helpful.

     Whatever has been created both positive and negative comes from your internal awareness.  The value you place upon your choices defines the relationship between the eternal soul and the current physical participation.  Encourage your growth by looking for the positive within yourself.  There will be moments of negativity but dwelling there always needs to be adjusted.

     Your self esteem is a much needed item while incarnate on Earth.

     Start by not speaking negatively about yourself.  Self deprecation never allows for errors.  This process impedes growth and denies you the opportunity of improvement.  Speak to your self with love and understanding.  You did not incarnate to be perfect.  You incarnated for experience and growth.

     Words are energy and powerful.  Change the way you think and speak about yourself, and your reality will alter.

     Rejoice in the awareness that your journey will bring you closer to your evolution.  Along the way you won’t be perfect, and that is ok.

     It is the end result that is the goal.  Stop invalidating your choices.  You may find that your self worth is way better than you thought.”

                                                                           ~ VERONICA