“While in physical reality most incarnates miss the close connection with spirit that is so readily available in the eternal.  Many tend to seek any form of connection to feel it.

     It is important to remember that you are essentially in a costume while on the earth plane.  Much attention is often given to the exterior of the linear experience.  It is easy to get caught up in the hustle bustle of physical reality.

     “How you look” has become a condition of the moment that really has nothing to do with the true nature of soulful growth.

     Physical attraction is a component of the experience.  It is important to remember that the chemistry of said attraction is very minor in the true connection of your soul.  It is the soul that truly designs the ability to connect.  It is the eternal connection that is what all desire.

     So when making those connections the ones that are most loving are not the physical ones.

     Physical wanes.

     Eternal flourishes.

     Pick the connections that do not put a lot of emphasis on the physical.  Pick the ones that flourish no matter how the physical “looks”.  Those are the true connections you seek….. not the physical ones.

     Explore your inner self while connecting, it will make the experience a good one.  There is nothing like the eternal connection.  It is truly what all of you seek.”    

                                                                    ~ VERONICA