“In the ever present energy of evolution the incarnate goes through many changes during a life.  It is represented by the growth of the physical body.  A form going from a young model to a more mature one.  A deep sense of knowledge as one walks through the challenges and victories of life is very important.

     Having confidence in your journey makes the proposed evolution that much more valuable.  We realize that most will not focus upon spiritual evolution and growth.

     The physical wealth often supersedes the spiritual wealth.  We would beseech the incarnate to make more time for your soul.  It doesn’t really care for the physical manifestations.  It cares primarily in the expansion and expression of your eternal energy, 

     So take heed.  Come to a place of tranquility.  Your soul is the root of your ability to create.  Physical manifestations are the flowers of your inner being.  Nurture the soul, and nurture and honor your physical ability to create.

     Make a practice of going to your soulful perspective whenever you can.  It will require a release of physical reality judgment.  It will require going internal to navigate.  It will require letting go of negativity.

     We suggest that the walking through these requirements is essential.

     You came here to expand.

     Don’t let the sense of your soul to get lost along the way.”

                                                                                  ~ VERONICA