“In physical reality there are multiple opportunities to learn and grow.  Every moment can be important as an incarnate.  We are often asked what the most valuable lesson was for us while participating in the reincarnational system.

     The most valuable is the significance of truth.  To participate without a solid truthful foundation can leave one floundering in a sea of confusion.

     It is easy to become lost in the pursuit of the truth.  Physical consciousness can create scenarios that have been altered for whatever reasons to simulate the truth.  This is often known as a fib or a white lie.  Be careful, for it is a slippery slope when one engages in that manner.

     Create a practice of centering while living a life.  Allow yourself to see clearly in each moment.  Often the truth can be awkward or troubling.  Keep focused regardless.  Your thoughts may try to soften the edges or reassemble the moment to be less difficult by altering part of the truth.  Remain aware  by slowing down a bit in your examination of the situation. 

     In your experience, it may reveal itself differently than you thought.  Everyone of you are on different paths.  Everyone of you have been focused on your personal truths.  Be sure to cultivate your relationship with that truth.  The more familiar you are, the more you will be able to navigate successfully through a life.  Maintain your exuberance in that expiration.

     It is true that the truth will set you free.  Become more truthful with others but more importantly with yourself.  That’s where it all begins.

                                                                           ~ VERONICA