“Most incarnates while in physical reality fear the judgment of others.  It seems to pop up everywhere within the culture.  It is important to know that one’s judgment of self is the most prevalent in every day existence.

     Many of you become so self judgmental that it can hinder your growth and awareness.

     Don’t be so hard on yourself.  You did not come to this reality to be perfect.  You came here to grow which often involves imperfections.  Taking in all experience regardless if it’s good or bad is essential to get a balanced view of your progress.  To truly learn a lesson it is imperative to view the moment from a positive/negative perspective.  Often the best growth is gleaned from a negative dramatic.  While in the midst’s of said dramatic it can be difficult to see the worth.  It is after the end of the episode where one may begin to understand the value.  Gather all teachings to your consciousness to become a better version of yourself.

     Life was never meant to be an easy ride.  It was created by you to meet the challenges and resolve them.

     A balanced life is an opportunity to be more aware and evolve.  Use the positive, and yes the negative to achieve that goal.  Deny the self-judgement access to your consciousness.  Relax your energy into the lesson.

     Learn it.

     Be more aware.

     Be less critical.

     Be more tender with yourself.

     You can balance this.”

                                                          ~ VERONICA