“Often in physical reality the patterns of participation can become repetitive.  All of you are conditioned to align yourself to the timeline.  Your actions every day can become expected, therefore a system of auto pilot can govern your life.

     We suggest that it is important to be more mindful of your surroundings while going through your day.  Noticing that the planet is ripe with beauty and wonder should be employed whenever possible.  In your busy world take the time to appreciate all that is created around you.  Sometimes the smallest awareness can indeed deliver miracles.  It is truly a canvas of wonder waiting for you to engage.  

     So instead of rushing through your life perhaps slow down a bit.

     See the beauty.

     Appreciate it.

     Allow that energy to support your personal creations.

     Take yourself off of auto pilot.

     Truly engage….. it will be worth it.”

                                                          ~ VERONICA