“On days that become chaotic and negative it is important to be self aware.  Realize how your energy can contribute or not contribute to the unfolding event.  Resisting the impulse to enter into the negative energy is always advisable.  Often a voice, even a reasonable voice may go unheard.

     When encountering difficult situations always keep sight of your energy and core values.  Do not let the ego to take over your thoughts.  Reach inward to your soul for guidance and peace.  

     Nurture your inner peaceful core as much as you can.  Its lovely force can become a source of strength.

     Use it.

     Let it lead the way when feeling confused about right action in any situation.

     Always act from your core.  Reacting always becomes tedious when everyone joins in the reaction.

     Start a practice of getting familiar with core soul values.  They exist to help steady the incarnate in a world full of chaos

    It is possible to navigate the reality when utilizing our core soul energy.” 

                                                                         ~ VERONICA