“We have often been asked why an energy not incarnate would want to speak with incarnates in the physical realm.

      Many of those in spirit remember well the denseness and difficulty that the linear offers.  They know that the intense focus necessary to maneuver through the reality can be confusing. The vision of those outside of the denseness can see the entire picture with more clarity.  Thus the desire to guide those who may not see the entirety of a situation clearly.

     We say that we are here to provoke thought so that creating probabilities for yourself can reach a new level.  All are not here to do it for you.  We are a signpost that reflects your inner passage so that you can have the clarity to create it for yourself.

     Reach out to spirit and your guides.  They desire nothing more than to see you succeed on your journey.

     Decide to connect.” 

                                                           ~ VERONICA