“While in physical reality the incarnate must learn to navigate through dramatics and events that require internal self awareness.  One cannot control the drama of others.so there can be many moments where the feeling of being swept away by negativity can prevail.

     The ability to be self aware can lead to great growth.  Many often lose their way to the inner knowing of their existence.

     Spend some time getting to know yourself at a higher level.  Explore the ability to see a path to the core of your existence….. not just the linear manifestation.  

     Know that your emotional state can hinder or support your growth.  Decide to employ it to grow even more with a powerful perspective.

     Your emotions are the colorful expressionary tool box.  Use them for maximum growth.

     Pay attention  to what triggers you emotionally.  Observe all the nuances….. it is usually what you need to heal.  

     Embrace your truthful self awareness.  you are not perfect, however perfection is not what your growth is about.  It’s a nitty gritty physical experience filled with opportunity.

     One needs self awareness to do so.

     Find that first.

     It will set into motion a surge of growth that is necessary in physical reality.”     

                                                                   ~ VERONICA