“Music is a linear representation of vibration.  To “hear” music is really to absorb its frequency.  Should the tones resonate with your vibration, then there is an elevation of a full good moment in the linear.

     Perhaps it would be a good exercise to assess what musical vibrations soothe your soul.  If you are aware of your musical preferences you have already embarked upon the beauty that musical tones combined with YOUR tone can provide.

     So there you have it.  Realize that everything is vibration.  The blissful note of music can propel the most elementary of soulful energy to a plateau of growth.

     Remember that you are formed by frequency and vibration.  Your surroundings and creations are the same.

     It is important to utilize said frequency for your growth.

     What easier or better way music brings to the table is up to you.

     Look at it differently.

     It may assist you more than you realize.”

                                                                   ~ VERONICA