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6 Reasons Why Other Opinions of You Don’t Matter at All

“Other people’s opinions of you are just that – their own opinions. And even though you might think their opinions of you matter, they really don’t.” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc How many times did you allow others’ opinions of you to keep you from being the person you dream of being? How many times did you…
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The Long Lost Art Of Practicing Tolerance

Tolerance is usually defined as the capacity to accept the existing of some behaviors and beliefs which do not often agree with the ones we have. The second definition of tolerance is to have the capacity to tolerate concepts and ideas with having our heart and mind open. When practicing tolerance consciously, we actually evolve…
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Even though we may not be aware of it, we are constantly judging everything in our experience. Judgment is the act of choosing how we feel about something or what we think something is. If we see something that looks like a banana, the automatic reaction or judgment recorded in the mind will be: that…
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